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PCC remembers Skip Waters

For the past 8 years, a fixture at tee time for the annual PCC Foundation’s Pepsi Cup Golf Tournament has been the friendly face of Skip Waters, Chief Meteorologist for the ABC affiliate, WCTI, News Channel 12 in New Bern.

Skip appeared as a local celebrity to precede tee-time with a a few opening remarks guaranteeing perfect weather for the tournament – and in 8 years he never missed a good forecast. Then he would make brief remarks to the assembled golfers from all across Eastern North Carolina about Pamlico Community College. He never served platitudes such as “This is a great community college.”

No, he always did homework about the latest new programs offered by the college or a recent success story about a student and shared that with the linksters. He subsequently thanked them profusely for supporting such a great asset for Pamlico County by playing in the tournament, never failing to explain what a difference the golfers were making for the lives of local students. His appearance was complimentary for the college, never charging a fee to appear. It was always apparent that he embraced with genuine sincerity the praise he heaped upon the college.

Skip Waters died suddenly at his home, Tuesday, October 28 at the age of 61.

Pamlico Community College honors his memory with gratitude for his service to the school and to Pamlico County

PCC Students are colorful characters


Deshaun Monk portrays the traditional Joe Cool look above the desk in a classroom, but he sports the individuality that paints the style of Joe Cool college student beneath the desk.

PCC Concessionaires serve snacks while PCHS Hurricanes serve Homecoming win to fans

Pamlico Community College Student Ambassadors, Jamie Lynn Loscalzo, Breze Christian Butler, and Jacqueline K. Royer joined PCC faculty and staff members to man the Pamlico County High School concession stand for the high school’s Homecoming game. The Pamlico Hurricanes served a 41 – 14 win while college concessionaires served snacks. College personnel perform this service each year to allow the high school booster club members to enjoy Homecoming instead of working in the concession stand.

“We are family. This is what family does,” said Jamie Gibbs, PCC Vice President of Student Service, Gibbs helped initiate this practice which exemplifies the bonds between the county’s only high school and the county’s only community college. “These two institutions are partners in a common goal to help students succeed,” he added.

A man in uniform ...

An old cliche` observed that women are attracted to a man in uniform. That works with both ways.

Cooking for 1, 10, 100, PCC culinary students learn the art and science of food preparation. Tina Williams studies in books that are not just cookbooks filled with recipes. Work in the classroom precedes work in the kitchens and the galleys.

Historic agreement with Barton College paves the way for PCC graduates to have more transfer options

Barton College President Dr. Norval Kneten, left, and PCC President Cleve H. Cox pose after recently signing three articulation agreements between the two institutions .

PCC college faculty and staff members visited Barton College in Wilson, NC on September 23 to execute a partnership that will promote a seamless pathway for qualified transfer students from Pamlico Community College to pursue a bachelor’s degree at Barton.

The details.