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PCC Kick Off for New Mentoring Program

MEBCO, Males Eliminating Barriers and Creating Success, is a new mentoring initiative to help male students make educational, career, and personal decisions to improve their chances for success. One of the desired outcomes is to reduce gaps among males in educational attainment. Daniel Lovitt, Special Assistant to the President of Halifax Community College, was the keynote speaker at a program that introduced participants to one another and to their new mentor.

Psychology instructor Kasey Melvin used a little group psychology to create an initial interaction among participants of the MEBCO program. After a special game of Bingo that forced participants to engage one another and learn interesting facts about each other, the ice was broken.

Read about this program which has a proven track record of success for increasing graduation rates among male students

Scholarship Opportunity - Application Deadline Approaching

Learn details about the Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship Deadline approaching.

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This link opens information about a scholarship for welders.

Scholarship recipients meet and thank scholarship donors

Organizations, corporations, foundations, civic clubs, and individuals who have created scholarship funds for PCC students were represented at a scholarship recognition ceremony on the PCC campus, Tuesday, November 11. Fifty-three scholarships have been awarded to PCC students for the 2014-15 academic year. Each scholarship recipient presented each donor with a letter of gratitude expressing how their pursuit for a better education was directly impacted by these scholarships.

The Oriental Rotary Club, a long-time supporter of the college and the students, awarded ten scholarships, the most by any one organization. Katherine Hitt of Bridgeton, received a Rotary scholarship. She is typical of many community college students who have families and jobs that demand attention along with their studies. Consequently, for them, scholarships are even more important. To be at the ceremony and not have to hire a baby sitter, her daughter Emma enjoyed the festivities, charming Ed Yodlowski, president-elect of the Oriental Rotary Club.

President Cleve H. Cox, stated, “Whether it be one scholarship or ten, every scholarship makes a difference in the life of a student. This ceremony recognizes the tremendous efforts put forth by our students and exhibits our deepest appreciation to every single one of the scholarship donors.”

On his knees

Greg Gallagher is known to go to any length to help individual students be successful in math. Though appearing to be in prayer, he is simply utilizing every bit of board space to illustrate subject matter. His efforts are what make students appreciate him as an instructor who is engaged in teaching, motivating them to be engaged in learning.

Four-year colleges and universities recruit College Transfer Students

Admissions representatives from four-year colleges and universities from a broad region of the Southeast visited Pamlico Community College recently. They availed PCC students of transfer options once they have competed the two-year college transfer program at PCC. Such an event exhibits the wide diversity of options one has by attending PCC, from short term classes in the trades to professional career curriculum programs to completing the first half of a four-year bachelor’s degree. In this photo, a representative from William Peace University in Raleigh talks with local students. William Peace University was formerly Peace College. (Julie Walker Photo)