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Welcome to Pamlico Community College.

If you are just beginning your educational journey at PCC then we have something in common. In August of 2009 I began serving the college as its fourth president. I hope that you are as excited about being here as I am!

First, I want to thank you for selecting PCC to further your education. You have already made two good choices: you’ve decided to continue your education and you’ve chosen to do it here, so you are off to a good start. We know that this is a serious step for you; education does not come easily. It requires an investment of your time, your efforts and your resources. We honor your decision to take this step and we pledge to help make this an investment from which a lifetime of returns will result.

Second, I’d like to say something about success. Your ability to succeed in the learning environment will lead to both workforce and life success. We want you to succeed. Our faculty and staff are here to provide many services, both academic and personal, to enhance your success. I encourage you to take advantage of all the services and opportunities for growth that this college has to offer.

In the end, we know that your success will also be the college’s success.

Education is one of the few things in life that, once earned, will be yours forever.

I thank you for choosing Pamlico Community College and wish you every success while here.

Cleve H. Cox