Quality Enhancement Plan

First Year Students, PCC will help you Focus On Success with QEP, the Quality Enhancement Plan.

What is the QEP?
PCC’s QEP is a five-year plan to improve the learning environment and increase student learning focusing efforts on a First Year Experience program.

Why a First Year Experience program?
The First Year Experience of college students was commonly identified through analysis of data solicited from faculty, staff, students, and the general public as an area to concentrate efforts to enhance successful student outcomes. Focus on Success has been adopted as the theme for PCC’s First Year Experience efforts.

What is the purpose for the QEP’s “Focus on Success”?
The purpose of “Focus on Success” is to improve student academic success and persistence through the creation of a First Year Program. “Focus on Success” will focus on three goals that are directly related to three components contained in the First Year Program:

1. Connect and engage students to academic resources and programs (provide first year students with an orientation program),
2. Engage students in planning and integrating career and educational goals (create a developmental advising model), and
3. Provide students with skills to effectively function in the college environment (enhance ACA-111 College Student Success).

How can I learn more about PCC’s QEP “Focus on Success”?
Contact Cristy Lewis, clewis@pamlicocc.edu, 252-249-1851 × 3026 or Neil Callahan, ncallahan@pamlicocc.edu, 252-249-1851 × 3042.

Here is a movie about QEP at PCC: