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Students leave the Delamar Center

Distinguished as the "cultural crossroads for Pamlico County" by the Eastern Regional Coordinator for the North Carolina Arts Council, The Ned Everett Delamar Center opened in March, 2008.

The facility houses four classrooms for Allied Health programs, offices, a large conference room, and a 650-seat auditorium and multi-purpose building. In addition to serving college functions, the conference room and auditorium/multi-purpose building are available for citizens to use for banquets, receptions, conferences, stage productions and other events of a cultural and civic nature. The conference room is equipped with overhead projectors, a screen, and a large screen monitor. The auditorium is equipped with two screens, an overhead projection system, a state of the art sound system, and theater lighting.

The Delamar Center was named to honor the legacy of The Honorable Ned Everett Delamar, decorated veteran of WWII, retired representative for Pamlico County in the NC House of Representatives, co-sponsored legislation in 1963 that created the NC Community College System, awarded the highest honor for service to community colleges, the I. E. Ready Award, for his efforts to expand fire service training and Continuing Education programs across the state.

The policy for public use with an application to use this facility can be viewed by
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In addition to serving college and school functions, the Ned Delamar Center is available for citizens to deliver the perfect banquet, reception, conference, state production, and other events of a cultural and civic nature in a state of the art, safe, and inviting atmosphere.


The vision of the Ned Delamar Center is to provide a dedicated team of professionals that will ensure the reservation and use of the venue will deliver quality and memorable experiences.

Calendar of Events

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How to Schedule Use of the Delamar Center

To acquire more information or to schedule use of the facility, contact:

Barbara Cayton
252-249-1851 �3116


Sherry Raby

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