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About Basic Skills

Basic Skills programs take place on PCC’s main campus and at the Bayboro Center. Map and directions.

The Basic Skills programs, High School Equivalency, English as a Second Language (ESL), and Adult Basic Education (ABE), focus on providing classes to individuals seeking to improve their fundamental academic skills. These programs help students develop the skills needed to pursue further education, to improve employability, or to contribute more fully in their communities. The classes are taught by professional instructors who are committed to engaging their students and enhancing their students’ progress.

Day classes are offered Monday-Thursday, 9 a.m. -2 p.m. Night classes are Monday and Wednesday nights starting fall 2016 from 6-8:30 p.m.

  • During the fall and spring, registration for both day and night classes is scheduled for every other Monday evening at 6 p.m. as shown here.
  • For the summer of 2016, registration for both day and night classes is on June 6 and July 11, beginning promptly at 6:00 PM and takes approximately 2.5 hours. The location is Room 113A in the Johnson Building on the main campus, Hwy 306 South of Grantsboro.

Classes are offered at no cost and allow students flexibility through open enrollment throughout the year.

Even with a personal busy schedule, one can prepare, plan, and succeed. Call PCC Basic Skills, 252-249-1851, x 3082, email Jim Privette, or visit Pamlico Community College, 5049 Highway 306 South, Grantsboro. Basic Skills staff members at PCC stand ready and eager to assist High School Equivalency students meet their goals.

The cost to test for the High School Equivalency diploma is $80.

For students taking the new 2014 High School Equivalency (HSE) test, a free transcript is mailed to each student. A duplicate transcript can be obtained at a cost of $15.

Data shows that students who finish high school or have the HSE diploma earn on average $7,000 more than those without a high school education.

Learn More About Basic Skills Contact: Jim Privette, Director of Transition Programs, 252-249-1851 × 3082 or

High School Equivalency



Basic Skills Success Story

High School Equivalency

The High School Equivalency test provides a high school equivalency for individuals who did not complete a high school diploma. Completion of the HSE diploma meets criteria often required for employment, promotion, or acceptance into either a two-year community college or a four-year university.

Students pursuing a High School Equivalency may be recently out of high school or may have been out for many years. Daily instruction in math, language, computer skills, critical thinking, social studies, and science is included. The day and night class offerings allow students to schedule their class time to work within their personal schedules.

With the support of their instructor, students gain the skills necessary to successfully complete the 4 tests that compose the High School Equivalency. These tests cover Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Math. Students may work through one subject at a time and can take the test for each subject as they become competent.

Prior to completing the final test for their High School Equivalency, students meet with the Assessment and Retention Specialist to discuss their plans after graduation. Students are provided with the contacts and resources available through PCC for continued support in their education and pursuit of employment.

Basic Skills Plus

The Basic Skills Plus Program at Pamlico Community College combines Adult Secondary Education classes along with certificate or degree programs which assist students to graduate with a High School Equivalency Diploma and marketable occupational skills. Career pathways include CNA I, phlebotomy, electrical, restaurant management, and welding. Students in the Basic Skills Plus Program will work on earning both the High School Equivalency Diploma and pathway career courses. In this process, students receive academic support services and job skills training.

Jeffrey Meadows combined studies for his High School Equivalency and for welding in the Basic Skills Plus Program.

Human Resources Development Class

The Human Resources Development Class (HRD) is a ten-week course designed to teach students resume` and cover-letter writing skills, professional interview skills, and job search techniques. Upon completion of the class each student should have created a cover-letter template, an updated resume`, and perform a mock interview. Students will also view a video series that will assist them in better understanding modern job search techniques and strategies. Representatives from local businesses will offer relevant presentations.

Students will also have the opportunity to achieve a bronze, silver, or gold Career Readiness Certificate, (CRC).

ESL English as a Second Language

Aprenda ingles. Ofrecemos clases gratuitas
los dias lunes y miercoles a las seis de la tarde.

ESL classes are offered to provide non-native speakers of English a competency in the English language in order to allow them to function comfortably in their communities. Our culturally sensitive instructors work with a diverse student body, from countries such as Mexico, Russia, Yemen, China, the Philippines, and various Central/South American countries.

Instruction focuses on English language acquisition, meeting the student at his/her fluency level. Students with little or no comfort with the English language as well as students working to improve their conversational fluency are welcomed.

**If your organization or institution sees a need for this service, please contact PCC about establishing satellite locations for your group: Jim Privette, Director of Transition Programs 252-249-1851 ex. 3082 or
ABE Adult Basic Education

Adult Basic Education / Community Living

The Adult Basic Skills/Community Living program offered by the college is designed specifically for adults with special needs and provides instruction in math, language, computer and communications skills.

Students in the Community Living class operate an ice cream concession each Tuesday afternoon, gaining experience in interpersonal skills while developing an appreciation of entrepreneurship.

Our instructors work with students to overcome their academic hurdles in order to reach a competency level necessary to function in society, on a job, or in the family.

ABE classes are free.

Contact: Jim Privettte. Director of Transition Programs 252-249-1851 ex. 3082 or

Basic Skills Success Stories

It’s not just about meeting students where they are when they walk through the doors of Pamlico Community College. It’s also more than just getting them to the next highest level. It is really about helping them acquire a broad range of skills, preparing them to embark on an upward journey to many levels.

This is especially true in Basic Skills, those classes used primarily to help students earn the High School Equivalency.

While a few earn the High School Equivalency to simply earn a higher wage or to qualify for a job that requires a high school diploma, PCC offers Basic Skills Plus, a coordinated effort to help students go beyond the High School Equivalency to enroll in either Continuing Education Occupational Skills courses or curriculum programs of study to earn a degree.

Two students currently enrolled are prime examples of how Basic Skills Plus propels students forward, to more than just a better job.

Kody Pegram dropped out of school when he fell behind and could see no way to catch up. A few tours of working in a fish house and with a tree trimming service helped him realize he wanted not only a better job, but one with benefits.

“I wanted a fresh start,” he said of his decision to enroll in Adult Secondary Education classes at PCC. The college not only provided him with that opportunity, but also helped him enroll simultaneously in a Continuing Education welding class. He is now near completion of Adult Secondary Education studies hoping to use his welding skills to move into a career at a shipyard somewhere on the East Coast.

Pegram made an astute observation. He said, “You have to love what you are doing. If you don’t love what you are doing, you will just keep changing jobs. Pretty soon, nobody will want to hire you if you’ve changed jobs so much. I love welding; I love creating something with my hands.”

Carrie Voliva left school at a very young age as she dealt with a myriad of family issues. In her words, the impetus to enter the Adult Secondary Education classes at PCC was prompted by “countless, endless, dead-end jobs with low pay and no benefits, just simply surviving.”

She prides herself on being intelligent and smart enough to delay beginning a family while struggling financially. Now 27, she is about to earn the High School Equivalency while enrolled in Nurse Aide classes. She hopes to get a job as a Nurse Aide with a firm that will help her further her education and enter a nursing degree program.

She admits, “I always had a fear of education and going to school. I have learned there is nothing to be afraid of. Leaning is coming naturally. I now have a brighter future and anybody else can do the same.”

While everyone reading this information may not be in need of this instruction, the probability is high that everyone knows someone who would benefit from these classes. You are encouraged to be a positive influence and guide those individuals to learn more by contacting Jim Privette, Director of Transition Programs, 252-249-1851 × 3082,

No one without a high school diploma is likely to have that brighter future unless they take the steps that Kody Pegram and Carrie Voliva took, through the doors of an institution like Pamlico Community College to the Basic Skills office.