Cultural Enrichment

About Cultural Enrichment

Cultural enrichment are designed to promote personal growth and life enrichment. This may include courses in leisure activities, non-vocational skill development, learning a new language, discovering a new talent, arts & crafts, media techniques, wellness activities and much more.

Cultural enrichment classes receive no state subsidy and are consequently funded only by tuition. There are no fee waivers for these classes.

Students taking Cultural Enrichment classes pay fees on a pro-rata basis. Fees may vary.

All classes are subject to cancellation due to low enrollment.

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Cultural/Life Enrichment Classes
Pre-Registration is Strongly Encouraged
For More Information or to Register, Please Contact Leigh Russell at: (252) 249-1851 × 3033 or

Continuing Education At PCC

Continuing Ed at PCC offers an amazing range of course opportunities – from First Aid to Computers to Boat Building.

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Leigh Russell, Chair of Library Services and Cultural Enrichment Programs
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