Occupational Skills

About Occupational Skills

You can learn new job skills or upgrade your current knowledge and skills through occupational extension classes. These classes can be a single course or a series of courses designed for a specific job area.

The Fall 2013 Occupational Skills Class Schedule

We offer a wide variety of highly interactive courses from Anatomy to Web Design that you can take entirely over the internet. All of our courses include expert instructors. Our online courses are fun, fast, convenient, economical, and geared just for you.

Seniors, 65 or older and legal residents of North Carolina, the fee can be waived for one course of occupational instruction per academic semester.

All classes are subject to cancellation due to low enrollment.

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All of our online classes with ed2go start every month. We offer over 250 courses every month and we are always adding new courses!

Continuing Education At PCC

Continuing Ed at PCC offers an amazing range of course opportunities – from First Aid to Computers to Boat Building. Continuing Education schedules can be downloaded by clicking here.

The Fall Continuing Education Class Schedule

Continuing Education staff members are:

Richard Garrett, Director of Continuing Education and Program Audits
252-249-1851 × 3015,

Latanya Bryant, Coordinator of Continuing Education Services
252-249-1851 × 3013