The PCC Foundation

Through gifts and bequests, the PCC Foundation supports scholarships and loans for students; small grants for faculty projects; student, personnel, and institutional development. Your support helps maintain a vibrant community college.

Donate to the PCC Foundation. All donations go towards our mission of providing financial aid to students enrolled at the college, encourage professional development of faculty and staff, and build awareness and appreciation of the importance of the College in the life of Pamlico county.

PCCF Pepsi Golf Tournament May 16th

April 16, 2015


You can make a difference!

August 21, 2013

Supporting the PCC foundation makes a difference for students, Pamlico County, and the future of our region.

Even with federally backed financial assistance, a student with family obligations and many other responsibilities often needs more in order to attend classes at PCC. Community college students generally do not enter college after high school. Many entered the work force with little or no training. Now the community college is an avenue to help them not only be employed, but also be better employed.

The education and training these students receive, even if many are older than young high school graduates, strengthens the ability of the local area to attract good new employers and helps established businesses grow by having a better trained workforce available to them.

But not to be forgotten, on a one-on-one basis, helping the PCC foundation helps that organization help an individual improve both the quantity and quality of his/her life. Everyone becomes a winner.

Also, aside from providing individual assistance to students, the PCC Foundation enables many other activities to take place on and off campus that complement classroom instruction. From funding field trips to bringing speakers and other programs to the campus, the PCC Foundation makes a difference for students, their educational endeavors, and for the community of Pamlico County, “the county.”

Contact The Foundation:
Pamlico Community College Foundation
PO Box 185, Grantsboro, NC 28529
252-249-1851 x3073