Changing lives at PCC

February 3, 2016

Austin Fonville and Torrence Purdue are two hard-working, driven Pamlico Community College students. Both are members of the Student Government Association and Men Eliminating Barriers and Creating Opportunities (MEBCO). While both students have different backgrounds and reasons for attending PCC, both have found hope and a place to call home, and both agree that Pamlico Community College has changed their lives.

Austin Fonville, a 48 year old Human Services Technology student, is a firm believer that you are never too old to learn or to change your life. “Watching my children graduate with their Masters and pass their medical boards made me realize that not only did I want that for them, but I wanted it for myself as well,” he says.

Not being from Pamlico County, Fonville heard about Pamlico Community College from the alumni in the community. “I was completely impressed at the quality of the education and the passion the faculty and staff had for each student. PCC has changed my life and the lives of my family. This college has a lot to offer our community, and I am proud to be part of it.”

Torrence Purdue, a Business Administration student, believes that education is one of the biggest blessings in life. “Knowledge is power, enabling one to create their own destiny. The only reason I know this is because being a student at PCC has allowed me to look in the mirror and actually tell myself who I am, rather than what society depicts me as being.”

Purdue, like Fonville, credits PCC as the catalyst for his success. “PCC means hope, family, second chances, acceptance, growth, inspiration, and acknowledgement,” he says. “PCC has changed my life, and yes, PCC can change other people’s lives in more ways than they could ever imagine. But, it all starts with walking through that door and telling yourself that the time is now.”

Many of our students, like Fonville and Purdue, have found success at Pamlico Community College. These successes, in part, are due to the close faculty and student relationship and accepting learning environment PCC provides to its students. The faculty at PCC work very hard to create compelling, modern learning environments to enhance student success. Unfortunately, technology and the demands of the working world are constantly changing, and Pamlico Community College must adapt and change with the times in order to successfully prepare students to enter the workforce.

Currently, Pamlico Community College is in need of repairs and renovations to improve the infrastructure and enhance capacity, providing a modern learning environment that meets the demands of a 21st century workforce. These are renovations and repairs that the college simply cannot afford on its own.

The Connect NC Bond provides NC community colleges a unique opportunity to address educational related needs, and if it passes on March 15, Pamlico Community College plans to use the $4.19 million to renovate and repair the Johnson building, which built in 1976 is the oldest building on campus.

“This renovation would enhance capacity and state-of-the-art classrooms and labs to house retooled and new technical and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) related programs to train the workforce of the 21st century for the benefit of the residents of Pamlico County,” says Dr. Maria Fraser-Molina, Interim President.

“The current library and student services suite would be renovated following a student-centered learning concept, enhancing the college’s student success activities and modernizing the community and student related services.”

At Pamlico Community College, we are in the business of changing lives, helping our students unlock and discover their potential. These repairs and renovations the college simply cannot afford on its own will help preserve that mission for many years to come.

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