PCC Instructor Selected for UNC-Duke Fellowship to Promote Globalization in the Classroom

March 25, 2015

Brad Bilsky doesn’t let any moss grow under his feet. Within a year of beginning his position as the college’s Business Administration faculty member, he attended UNC-Chapel Hill’s World View Conference, an event which strives to promote international and global issues in the educational environment. Bilsky credits it with raising his awareness of addressing global issues in today’s class room. Recognizing that opportunities to promote globalization can be limited in rural areas, he has committed to creating learning experiences for his students that would broaden their understanding of the way the world works.

As local communities are increasingly impacted by events occurring across the state, the nation, and the world and with the immediate exchange of information from all parts of the world becoming increasingly more common, rural communities must embrace globalization in order to remain relevant.

Bilsky will be moving the dial forward in this very area as a result of a College Educators Research Fellowship. This opportunity is funded by the UNC-Duke Consortium in Latin American and Caribbean Studies. This summer, Bilsky will participate with other educators from across the state in an intensive week-long study of global issues that impact local communities.

His goal is to globalize Pamlico Community College’s macroeconomics course, thereby providing students with learning experiences that stretch them beyond the confines of perhaps their more localized world view. Producing well-rounded, globally-minded workforce participants is what it’s all about.

Bilsky’s work directly supports the college’s efforts to revamp its general education outcomes, one of which is for students to develop cultural competencies and act professionally among people who have ideas, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that are different from their own.

Producing well-rounded graduates who can compete in an increasingly global environment is core to the mission of the college. Without high-quality, committed faculty who incorporate real-world scenarios in the classrooms, this would be a futile effort. In addition to being a full-time faculty member, Bilsky is currently working on his Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) at Wilmington University.

PCC President, Dr. Cleve Cox added emphasis to the significance of employing high quality faculty. “Brad certainly exemplifies what any college seeks in its instructors; that being the desire to raise their knowledge base and experiences, then apply that in the learning situation. This experience will benefit Brad, his students, and potentially all of Pamlico County. We did a good day’s work when we hired Brad Bilsky!”