PCC Cosmetology Offers Win-Win!

March 17, 2011

Everyone understands win-win.

It simply means everybody wins. That happens when someone is a patient at teaching hospital such as Duke University Medical Center in Durham, NC or UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill, NC. Patients are afforded an exam by interns, residents, and the attending physician. Often, three sets of eyes aid the healing process.

Obviously the patient wins when so much attention is given to the patient’s needs. The interns and residents want to do exceptional work in the eyes of the attending physician. The attending physician is consequently paying more than usual attention to the patient’s progress.

Medical students win because they learn skills at a high level in a hands on situation. The patient wins because so much extra attention is provided in diagnosis and treatment.

It’s simply a win-win.

Guess what?

That’s the exact same process at Pamlico Community College’s Cosmetology School – with one major difference. Prices at a medical school hospital are not discounted. PCC cosmetology walk-in clients get intense attention from both students and the instructor – at drastically reduced prices. That’s a big win for the clients.

The other side of the win is for the students who, like medical students, get hands-on training in a quest to meet rigorous certification standards. Society wins when students from all disciplines enter the workforce in a high state of readiness for the job.

The PCC Cosmetology School located in Bayboro accepts public clients Tuesday through Thursday of each week, 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM. A wide variety of cosmetic arts services are available. Walk-ins are served on a first come-first served basis.

To learn more about being in this win-win process, contact Debi Fulcher, 252-745-5537, dfulcher@pamlicocc.edu.