Back-To-Work - Summer Training Opportunities

April 18, 2014

Finding gainful employment is the focus a major program underway at Pamlico Community College. Slots are available in the summer edition of the Back to Work Initiative but prospective applicants should act now.

Welding has been one of the more popular training programs in the Back to Work Initiative. Students completing the course of study are job ready for entry level positions.

Pamlico Community College was one of several community colleges in North Carolina to receive state funds at the beginning of the 2014 Spring Semester for a new initiative to help people train for new jobs. Primarily designed for the unemployed or underemployed, the program was tagged as Back to Work.

In addition to specific job skills, classes are also offered emphasizing communication skills, math skills, career planning, basic keyboard and computer applications, resume writing, interviewing techniques, and job search skills. Pamlico Community College is making a concerted effort help individuals obtain marketable credentials leading to sustainable employment and new careers.

Currently, 20 students are enrolled who qualified for all costs to be covered, tuition, card fees, books and supplies. It is significant to note that of all the community colleges which participated in this state-funded initiative, some from the largest metropolitan areas of the state, Pamlico Community College had the highest per capita response to this opportunity than any other institution.

Funding still exists for new students who qualify and enroll prior to April 28 in one of three skills areas, Construction Technology/Weatherization, Electrical Wiring, and Welding. Prospective students must register as soon as possible for new classes: Welding, April 28 – August 20, Construction Technology, June 2 – September 10, and Electrical Wiring, June 2 – August 10.

Any North Carolina resident possessing a high school diploma or GED in one of the following categories can apply for free tuition: unemployed, underemployed, (which is defined by earning significantly less than what one previously earned), eligible for Federal Earned Income Tax Credit, earn below 200% of Federal Poverty Level, Veterans, or members of the NC National Guard. For unemployed persons receiving unemployment benefits, Pamlico Community College will work with the Division of Workforce Solutions (formerly ESC) to ensure benefits are not affected as long as the individual is progressing in the training program.

Linda Boryk, the coordinator for the Back to Work Initiative at Pamlico Community College will be available at the college’s Job Fair, Thursday, 1 – 5 p.m., to answer questions and assist applicants apply for this next section of classes. Contact her,, 252-249-1851 × 3117. The Job Fair will not only present opportunities for job seekers to talk with prospective employers, but will also assist individuals with training programs such as the Back to Work Initiative which improve employment prospects.

Michelle McGuire, Coordinator of Career Training Programs,, 252-249-1851 × 3124, and Richard Garrett, Chair, Industrial, Construction & Continuing Education,, 252-249-1851 × 3015, are also available to assist prospective students with any questions.