Dental Laboratory Technology


dental studentsPamlico Community College is pleased to offer an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science in Dental Laboratory Technology. The program teaches oral anatomy and function of the jaw. Graduates are prepared to create dentures in wax and acrylic, partial dentures in acrylic and flexible material, crowns, bridges, mouth guards and bleaching trays. Students will become proficient in bending wires for numerous types of clasps and Hawley Retainers. Students will also be introduced to the basics of Implants and CAD-CAM fabricated crowns.

Working Conditions:

Dental Laboratory Technicians work in Laboratories and create prostheses from impressions the Dentist sends to the Dental Laboratories. Laboratories range in size from a few people to 100 or more.

Job Opportunities:

Graduates are prepared to work in any department of a Dental Laboratory. They may be employed by dentists, schools of dentistry and VA Hospitals. Technicians may also be hired by companies that manufacture dental materials and equipment.


The national average pay rate for a Dental Laboratory Technician $47,076 yearly.  Most Dental Laboratory Technicians earn between $36,000 and $60,000 annually. A newly graduated Dental Laboratory Technician starts out on the lower end of the scale and quickly progresses in salary.

Growth Opportunities:

During the Program students are able to volunteer their time at the free Mission of Mercy Dental Clinics. This is an opportunity to see firsthand how a career in this field, serves the community. Mission of Mercy provides free dental services for those that can’t afford it.


There may also be opportunities to go to Education Fairs and talk to potential future students about the opportunities offered in the Dental Laboratory Technology Career.

Additional Trainings:

Journeyman Award in Dental Laboratory Technology

Certified Dental Technician

"A Designation That Lasts:

The CDT designation is a great achievement and demonstrates a significant mastery of the knowledge and applied skills needed in dental technology. Individuals achieving this designation have demonstrated a competency not all of their peers will achieve. The CDT designation illustrates a technician's commitment to the field of dental technology and demonstrates their knowledge in all six specialty areas. The pride of earning a CDT is personally rewarding and the CDT designation places the certificant among a group of individuals who are at the top of the dental technology profession. This group forms a basis for networking, professional recognition, friendships and life-long learning."

"Why Become a Certified Dental Technician?

Although certification is costly and requires a sustained commitment, it has many benefits for dental technicians, laboratory owners and the dental customer. CDTs and RGs have not only demonstrated competency, but they have shown determination and commitment in completing the certification process. The attained skill and knowledge of the CDT is highly desirable to laboratories. Having this certification provides the dental technician with the advantage of higher salaries, advancement and job satisfaction.


This value is affirmed by statistics that show almost two-thirds of CDTs have held their certificate more than 10 years. Today's CDTs are dedicated individuals who believe strongly in improving themselves and their profession.


The extensive knowledge gained by the CDT and RG during the required continuing education process assures the laboratory owner, dental customer and the public that this individual is a true student of the profession with a solid commitment to remain at the cutting edge of his or her field, cognition, friendships and life-long learning."


Upon Completion of the Program Students Will be Able to:

  • 1. Demonstrate an understanding of the anatomy and physiology of a tooth.
    2. Fabricate a partial denture from the custom tray to the final prosthesis.
    3. Design and construct a partial denture.
    4. Describe how to make an implant denture.
    5. Create crowns and bridges.
    6. Fabricate a CAD-CAM crown from a digital impression.


PDF Dental Laboratory Technology Associates Course Checklist

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