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About PCC's Firefighter Program

Firefighter training is essential in helping to ensure the safety of citizens and firefighters.  It is critical that training be ongoing and even the most experienced firefighter needs to keep skills current. Fires today can react differently, travel in different paths or accelerate unexpectedly due to a variety of materials being used to build homes and in household materials such as couches, curtains, and carpets. In addition, many homebuyers want open concept floor plans which allows a fire to spread more quickly due to lack of walls and doors slowing the fire down.


Pamlico Community College is committed to supporting these efforts by providing a variety of fire training to include Firefighter Certification classes which are run as individual classes so students can take one, several, or all within the academic year. Additional training includes Driver Operator certifications such as Emergency Vehicle Driver and Pumps as well as Traffic Incident Management and Hazardous Materials Response. Firefighter personnel working/volunteering for a state agency may be entitled to a state tuition waiver.

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Michelle McGuire
Coordinator of Career Training Programs/ HRD Director
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All classes are subject to cancellation due to low enrollment.

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