Hospitality & Culinary Arts


A chef prepares a meal

As part of the collegeís mission, PCC works to enhance the economic development of its service area. One way this is occurring is aligning training programs with county-wide initiatives. Tourism is one of Pamlico Countyís thriving industries and one in which is showing the largest potential for growth. To help foster this growth, the College has developed non-credit training programs which will prepare people for the Hospitality & Food Service industries. The College offers a Culinary Arts program which affords students training for credentialing with the National Restaurant Associationís Culinary and Baking program as well as their ManageFirst. The College also offers ServSafe for food service employees to help ensure the concepts of safe food handling are being delivered and those in the industry are compliant. College staff can offer specialized training for employers and their staff and can deliver instruction in the workplace.


  • Culinary Arts
    Bar & Beverage Management
    Wait staff Training
    Hospitality & Restaurant Management

All classes are subject to cancellation due to low enrollment.

For more information, contact:

Michelle McGuire
Coordinator of Career Training Programs
252-249-1851 ×3124

Gregory Skelly
Chair of Continuing Education
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