Associate In Arts

The Associate in Arts degree program is a college transfer curriculum designed to provide a full transfer credential for students wishing to transfer to a four-year college or university. Pamlico Community College also participates in the Wachovia Partnership East Coastal Consortium, providing students the opportunity to get a four-year degree from ECU while attending community college. For more information about this program click here.

Students may earn the AA degree by completing 64 semester hours credit (SHC) of transferrable course work in English, literature, fine arts, philosophy, social sciences, science and mathematics.

Many of the courses are offered through PCC’s contract with East Carolina University (identified by both PCC and ECU course numbers).

NOTE: It is recommended that electives be taken in the liberal arts and/or cognate areas to the projected baccalaureate major. Refer to senior institution’s catalog.

What skills will I learn?

Critical Thinking, Critical Reading, Oral and Written Communication, Computer Skills, an Understanding of People, Societies, History, and Politics.

What job opportunities will I have?

Although these programs are designed to be transfer degrees, the liberal arts degree provides an excellent background for positions in business management, government, sales, design, journalism, and research.

What tools or equipment will I be exposed to?

Computers and Modern Programs, Scientific Instruments, and Computer-based Research Facilities.

Students must meet receiving university’s foreign language, health, and phys. ed. requirements, if applicable, prior to or after transfer to the senior institution.

Three SHC in Speech/Communications may be substituted for 3 SHC in Humanities/Fine Arts. Speech/Communication may not substitute for the literature requirement.

Click here to review the required courses for Associate in Arts.