Computer Information Technology

The Information Systems curriculum is designed to prepare graduates for employment with organizations that use computers to process, manage, and communicate information. This is a flexible program, designed to meet community information systems needs.

Course work includes computer systems terminology and operations, logic, operating systems, database, data communications/networking, and related business topics. Studies will provide experience for students to implement, support, and customize industry-standard information systems.

Graduates should qualify for a wide variety of computer-related, entry-level positions that provide opportunities for advancement with increasing experience and ongoing training. Duties may include systems maintenance and troubleshooting, support and training, and business applications design and implementation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What skills will I learn?

How To: Use Computer Applications in Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Databases, Accounting, and Presentations; Control PC Operating Systems; Install, Configure and Troubleshoot, PC Hardware and Software; Effectively Use the Internet and Other Forms of Telecommunications; Create Web Pages; Write a Computer Program; and, Stay Informed in the World of Computer Technology.

What entry level job opportunities will I have?

PC Support Specialist, Computer Specialist, Computing Consultant, Computing Support Technician, Information Systems Specialist, and, Computer Sales Advisor

What tools or equipment will I be exposed to?

Computers, Printers, Scanners, Software Applications (Microsoft Office, Novell NetWare, MS FrontPage), Operating Systems (Windows, DOS), BASIC Programming Language, and the Internet.

With additional training, what kinds of jobs could I get?

Computer Instructor, System Administrator, Computer Training Instructor/Coordinator, Computer Store Owner/Operator

Advanced level of job opportunities?

Network Engineer, Director of Information Technology, Technical Writer

Required Courses

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