Electrical Systems Technology

The Electrical Systems Technology curriculum is designed to provide training for persons interested in the installation and maintenance of electrical/electronic systems found i residential, commercial, and industrial facilities.

Training, most of which is hands-on, will include AC/DC theory, basic wiring practices, digital electronics, programmable logic controllers, industrial motor controls, the National Electric Code, and other subjects as local needs require.

Graduates qualify for a variety of jobs in the electrical/electronics field as an on-the-job trainee or apprentice assisting in the layout, installation, and maintenance of electrical/electronic systems.

What skills will I learn?

Knowledge of Electrical and Electronic Installation, Repair, Maintenance, Service, Testing, and Troubleshooting Industrial Electrical and Electronic Circuits and Equipment.

What job opportunities will I have?

Trainee for: Electrical/electronic Maintenance Mechanic, Electro-mechanical Assembler, Electronics Utility Worker, Electronics Mechanic.

What tools or equipment will I be exposed to?

All Types of Testing Meters, Both Digital and Analog; Electrical/Electronic Testing Equipment; Basic Hand Tools.

Required Courses

For more information about the Electrical / Electronics Technology Degree Program click here to download the required courses.

To enroll contact Admissions.