Student Services

Student Services provides support to students in meeting their educational and career goals.

These functions include admissions, registration, records, counseling services, financial aid, placement testing, and student activities. To contact Student Services call 252-249-1851 ext 3002, or Fax at 252-249-1622.


Students who have attended other colleges or have been former students of Pamlico Community College can use the following forms to receive transcripts necessary for evaluating a student’s status.

Academic Advising

Upon registration for a particular program, each student is assigned a faculty advisor in his/her major curriculum area. During registration the student meets with the advisor who assists in the planning of an educational program to meet the student’s goals. Students should consult regularly with their faculty advisor to review and update their goals.

First Year Experience – FYEX

First year students will be assigned a first year advisor. These students are required to meet with their advisors on a regular basis.

Counseling Services

Student Services includes counseling provided by trained personnel. Counseling is available to every student from pre-admission through graduation. Counseling begins with the initial interview and continues until the student transfers to another institution or is placed in a job. The primary purpose of the interview is to aid the student in making a wise decision among choices of study to most closely match his/her needs, interests, and abilities.

The counseling staff is composed of the Vice President of Student Services and counselors. Students should feel free to come by the counselor’s office to discuss or explore any problem or condition which impacts their educational program. Students can confide in counselors with the full knowledge that anything they say will be confidential. Counseling services may be used on a voluntary or referral basis.

Tutoring Services

Click here to learn about available tutoring opportunities in the college’s Student Success Center.

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